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Parenting News Recap Roundup #1 – First post intro plus great things to come

Posted on June 25th, 2013

As parents, there’s always so much to learn – about your kids (and yourselves), about popular-today-gone-tomorrow parenting techniques and of course, there’s the never-ending bank of parenting tips (which grows in correlation to the number of online parenting experts.) Not to mention all the celebrity moms/dads gossip and fun, and the useless (yet entertaining) facts & tidbits constantly calling out to us online.

And of course, as parents, it’s almost a given that we have *all the time in the world* to catch up on all of these great informative helpful facts & interesting daily news posts. Wait, what? “Are you kidding me?!” Yes. I am. Show me a parent that has some spare time on his hands and I’ll show you, well, a unicorn? A troll? A giant and a beanstalk..? Pick whichever, it doesn’t really matter. (i.e. not gonna happen.)

So, from now on, the Parenthood Today TV blog will be providing you with a weekly recap of interesting news & helpful tips and resources found online throughout the week (and we promise that you won’t have to *waste* any more time on lengthy intros like this one; we’ll be time-saving straight-to-the-point-ing from here on..!) Enjoy.

Parenting News Today

*Tiger Parenting – is tough-love parenting a good thing? Psychologists at UC Berkeley have been studying how three types of parenting techniques affect children in the long haul: authoritarian, aka “tiger parenting” (too hard), permissive (too soft) and authoritative (a combo). The university researchers have been focusing on the pros and cons of tiger parenting, and the verdicts are in: mental health indicators are a solid measure of successful parenting, and it seems that “children raised by authoritarian parents show maladaptive outcomes, such as depression, anxiety and poor social skills.

*Netflix launches a new channel – “Netflix Families.” Just in time for summer vacation, Netflix adds a new category of fun for the entire family – [[hyperlink]] Open to both members and non-members, parents will find tons of recommended TV shows and movies to watch over the summer break, along with tutorials on how to stream (for any newcomers out there) and pre-set playlists. The Families page is accessible from any computer or tablet. This new channels comes right after Netflix’s big announcement of a content deal with beloved DreamWorks Animation.

*Boost your kids’ imaginations by inspiring them to love reading ‘n’ writing! Not sure how to do that? Here are a few simple tips: [1] Start young! Even if they’re not actually *writing* yet, talking & making up stories is a great way to start. [2] Increase their confidence. Kids shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes! Encourage them to read their stories out loud and praise them for t heir creativity. [3] Are your kids struggling with making up characters? Tell them to start by making up stories about people they know. [4] Read. Read. Read! Books are important. [5] Grammar is important, but not yet. Leave that for later school years, and don’t stop their creativity flow to correct this or that. [6] Write about real life. [7] Enter competitions! [8] Avoid the dumb-box. 😐 (sorry, but TV doesn’t leave enough room for the imagination…)

*“elimination communication” knocks all other potty training techniques on their backside! The most basic difference between EC-training and the widely-known potty training methods is that you start EC at a much earlier age, meaning you don’t even give the kid a chance to get used to pooping in his pants (that is, in his diaper..) This eliminates a transition step and gets him or her to the toilet at a younger age. According to Christine Gross-Loh, author of “The Diaper Free Baby,” babies are actually born with an awareness of their ‘elimination’, but since they become used to eliminating in a diaper, they lose that awareness, thus delaying potty training to a later age.

*Madonna’s just a typical mom too! Raising a teen is tough, even if you’re Madonna. On a recent interview on Good Morning America, the mother of all things pop talks about how her daughter stopped talking to her and is constantly connected to her iPhone.

Happy Parenting