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Parenting News Recap Roundup #8

Posted on August 15th, 2013

* Parenting comes at a price (we’re talking dollars and cents…) According to a new government report by the USDA, parents are spending 23% more on raising their kids than their parents did in the 60’s. Allegedly, a baby born to a middle-class family in 2012 will cost his parents around $241,000 by the time he or she turns 18. Watch this news report to learn more.

* What words come to mind when you think of parenting? Love, pride and joy are a given, but this parenting blogger discusses other words that should be kept in mind – like trust, acknowledge, boundaries and more. Click here for more insight on the 9 words that guide a parent.

* We love Drew Barrymore (how can one not?!) She’s one of the coolest Hollywood moms around! 🙂 Which is why we were super-psyched to learn that she will be featured in the September issue of InStyle magazine (available on newsstands tomorrow, 8/16), where she will be talking about being a wife, being a mom, parenting, and her lovely baby girl. Here are some of the excerpts from her interview in the upcoming InStyle magazine issue.

* Is your child a tattletale? This could be an uncomfortable situation to deal with (“no one likes a tattletale..!”) But there is actually a positive side to tattling, plus there are several ways to deal with it in a positive manner – you can read more about it here.

* We love lists – they’re clear and to-the-point and deliver information in the simplest manner. So here are some good quality lists for all you parents to enjoy (and we’ll even put them in a form of a short list!) 😉
[1] 9 things that will help you survive the first days of parenting
[2] 10 parenting hacks (i.e. tips & tricks)
[3] 7 tips for moms over 40


Parenting News Recap Roundup 8