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Parenting News Recap Roundup #42

Posted on January 5th, 2017

The PTTV team is back and we’ve been catching up on the most noteworthy parenting news across the web!

Here are our hand-picked, interesting & informative parenting must-read’s for this edition of our Parenting News Recap Roundup – we hope you enjoy them. 🙂

* Early potty training is also known as “elimination communication” and it’s ignited a storm of controversy among parents and health professionals. Should we or shouldn’t we use this technique. So here are two articles that offer both sides of the coin. This early potty training experience describes how first-time parents easily made the adjustment to it, but includes includes comments from parents who’ve had a hard time with it. While this article by a pediatric urologist offers quite compelling evidence that early potty training is not a healthy option.

* From straw carrying toothbrush cases to ice-pop crayon trays and pizza pan magnet boards – we love this list of creative uses of Dollar-store finds for parents!

* A temper tantrum is very difficult to deal with, but as parents we’re duty bound to find a way to diffuse them without losing our temper. Temper tantrums are not just for toddlers, but affect children of all ages. It’s important to have strategies to help us deal with them now, before the outbursts begin. The doctors at Empowering Parents offer expert tips on dealing with temper tantrums of all ages.

* One of the toughest parts of parenting is gaining your kids’ respect while remaining the “annoying” authority figure that “bugs them” about cleaning their room, doing their homework, watching their manners, etc… (the list is long, but we’re sure you get the picture and know exactly what we’re talking about.) So here are three tips on how to win your child’s respect.

* We love this fun and humorously accurate list of 10 facts all parents hide from their kids – it’s bound to bringing a knowing smile to every good parent’s face.. 😉

* Viral Mommy Video Alert! >> In case you missed it >> an amusing & cute video of a mom’s hard day around the house explains quite simply why moms never get things done

* It’s about time someone listed trend predictions for 2015, don’t you think? So here you have it – from the sandwich sitter to the multilingual nanny – here are some parenting trends you’ll be seeing more of in 2015.

* This article is long but worth reading (even if you take your time and read it in segments) as it has some very useful pointers and smart insights on parenting. Five parenting experts gave five tips & techniques each, to compile this list of 25 tips on how to raise your child right.

* For newbie expecting parents, here’s a nice breakdown of things you will need to prepare for the new baby – broken down to what you should buy now, what you can borrow from friends and what you can get second hand…