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Parenting News Recap Roundup #40 *Holiday Edition*

Posted on December 18th, 2014
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all parents, children, extended families & loved one, from all of us here at Parenthood Today TV 🙂

And here’s some great parenting content we’ve rounded up for you for this holiday season… Enjoy!

* A book is a wonderful gift for a child – here are the best picture books of 2014 and a look at the recommended children’s books for 2015.

* This touching story of a widowed mom and her project to ‘pay it forward’ during Christmas will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your heart.

* Holidays mean a lot of quality family time, so you best be prepared for anything and everything… Here are some tips for dealing with mother-in-laws. Just in case anyone needs it 😉

* Children’s eyes light up when they hear the word “gifts” this time of year, but it’s very important to make sure they understand the concept of *giving* in addition to *getting*… Here’s a good article with tips for teaching your kids about generosity during the holiday season.

* For parents of teens & college kids, here are some helpful tips for the holiday time at home.

* And here are some tips for parents of babies who will be meeting their extended families for the first time this holiday season.

* We don’t want to be party-poopers, but… a recent study shows that giving your kids too many Christmas presents may not be such a healthy thing. Hmmm. Here’s the article that explains it all.

Parenting News Recap Roundup 40 - Holiday Edition