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Parenting News Recap Roundup #36 *Halloween Edition!*

Posted on October 23rd, 2014

It’s time for our latest bi-weekly roundup of interesting noteworthy parenting news PLUS our annual roundup of fun Halloween costumes for kids! We’re counting the days until we all get ghoulish..! 😛

* Getting your baby to sleep through the night is a big issue among parents of newborns.. Here are two informative & insightful articles we recently read on the matter: 6 guidelines on getting your baby to sleep through the night & 3 essential parenting sleeping tips.

* Remember CliffsNotes from school? 😉 Well, we do… and that’s why we loved this article – it gives us a great overview of the book “Parenting in the Present Moment”, pinpointing the 4 important lessons to be learned. (We’re not saying you shouldn’t read the book, but we’re just saying thank you on behalf of all the super-busy parents out there, who greatly appreciate a good summary ..;))

* This parent tells it like it is! Here are 9 great tips for survival parenting.

* Looking for some great DYI tip and tricks for turning old household items into fun stuff for your kids? Look no further! It’s all in here.

And now to our holiday portion (yeay!) >> Halloween is almost here and we’re super excited for this fiendishly fun time of year! 😀 here are some tips & tricks for the upcoming holiday…

* From Disney movie characters to superheroes – check out this year’s top 10 Halloween costumes for boys & girls.

* For the DIY’ers – here are some great cheap & easy-to-make homemade Halloween costumes for kids:
Homemade Halloween costumes any parent can make
10 free Halloween costumes you already have at home
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Quick Halloween costume ideas for kids
25 awesome Halloween costumes made by kids with wild imaginations
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* If you’re planning a Halloween party for your kids, here are some great Halloween activity resources to check out – full of games, treats and party decorations:
10 so-fiendish-they’re-pure-fun(!) Halloween party games
Halloween game ideas to entertain all age groups
10 games to keep little monsters entertained this Halloween
Learn how to plan the perfect Halloween party with your kids – start to finish!
Tricky Halloween treats & games for all ages
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13 handmade Halloween decoration ideas
Awesome ideas for Halloween luminary decorations
DIY Halloween decorations: mason jar luminaries

* And last but not least… A {very} long list of Halloween party decoration ideas, no-sew costumes, upcycled Halloween decorations, and Halloween party snack & drink ideas!

Enjoy & have a BOO-tiful time! 😛

Parenting News Recap Roundup 35 * Halloween Edition!*