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Parenting News Recap Roundup #34

Posted on September 18th, 2014

* Should all children be (constantly) happy children? Read this article & think again…

* Too often do we come across a heartbreakingly sad news item about an infant being left behind in a closed hot car… As it seems to be a recurring occurrence, one tech company developed a solution – read all about it here (it really is quite smart.)

* Are you suffering from the “super-parent complex”? Don’t stress and become overly anxious trying to be the perfect mom/wife/businesswoman/home-maker all-in-one… Here are five signs that may indicate you’re trying too hard for your own good.

* All parents can appreciate these beautiful 10 inspirational life tips from moms of kids with special needs – it’s amazing to see the strength and positivity that parenting & the unconditional love of a child brings out in people! 

* Supermodels are moms, just like us… 🙂 Molly Sims gives advice and tells us a bit her parenting routines and eating habits as she and her hubby are going for baby #2.

* The kids are back in school, and homework is part of their learning process. Here are 8 tips for handling homework, that will help your kids get the most out of it.

* Parenting a freshman college kid? You may relate to the following piece… We really enjoyed this mommy-blogger’s write-up of taking her daughter off to college (nostalgia meets the responsibilities of a parent :))

* [In case you missed it..] This one has been doing the social media rounds for the past week or so, but we couldn’t help sharing it, just one more time.. This really is a priceless father-son moment, showing that timing is everything, especially when you have a camera pointed at you. 😉 Enjoy!

Parenting News Recap Roundup 34