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Parenting News Recap Roundup #31

Posted on July 31st, 2014


* Are you raising a teenager? Then you’d better read these Do’s & Don’t (and some extra tips) about how to talk with your teen about alcohol & drugs, and substance abuse in general.

* If you’re not only a parent, but a fan of “Doctor Who” – this fun list of 10 Things Doctor Who Taught Me About Parenting is for you! 🙂

* Parenting young children is undoubtedly a tough task, so it’s 100% okay to admit it’s hard and it’s totally okay to vent! 😉 We enjoyed this blog post by a mom who lists off the things she misses from her pre-parenting days

* Comedian Jimmy Kimmel is seeking parenting advice before welcoming his new baby – check out this hilarious video of Jimmy getting parenting advice from a seven year old kid.

* Straight & to the point: unhealthy beliefs about parenting debunked.

* Don’t miss this GREAT list of lessons about raising kids from an experienced mom of a high school senior (proving that wisdom does indeed come with years…) 😉

* If your adolescent is about to head off to college, and you happen to be invited to the growing trend known as “parents orientation”, be sure to read this useful list of Do’s & Don’ts for a parents orientation event.

* And we’ll top things off with a funny photo collection of things that only parents will understand… 😀 Enjoy!


Parenting News Recap Roundup 31