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Parenting News Recap Roundup #28

Posted on June 19th, 2014

* Everyone’s a critic.. and EVERYONE has an opinion or piece of advice to share.. Which is why this amusingly written piece about 8 horrible parenting tips you should NOT be following is so, well, amusingly to the point. 🙂

* We came across this touching post by a blogger who lost her father to cancer. She decided to write about the 6 lessons she learned from the experience, which she hopes to pass on to her daughter in the future. We are truly appreciative for her candid sharing.

* Social media site conducted a data analysis study to determine which are the top 10 cities for raising children in the United States. Their analysis covered 5 data sets (crime rate, public school rankings, public parks, average income, and cost if living) which helped them reach their conclusion – read more about the study and the selected family-friendly cities here.

* A mommy blogger talks about dads & fatherhoodread her interesting perspective & thoughts on fatherhood here (including her own husband’s list of top 5 daddy parenting experiences!)

* Do you need to get your parenting methods in order..? Confused about “Free-Range” versus “Attachment” or wonder “what exactly is that Babywise book is all about?!” Well then, here’s a great article that sums up top 10 controversial parenting methods (while also explaining and defending them…)

* Here’s a great opinion piece by an “outsider”/non-parent – a nanny shares her take on the 7 things we should STOP judging parents about.

* How much weight do we put on certain issues when we’re new first-timer mommies? Do the things that matter most eventually really matter at all..? Here’s an insightful piece by a mom who just had her third child, as her eldest is entering his teens – how do you see the challenges of raising a newborn when you already know what’s in store..? An interesting read indeed!

* Dealing with co-parenting issues? Here are 7 deadly sins of co-parenting you should avoid in order to successfully raise your children together, without extra conflicts…


Parenting News Recap Roundup 28