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Parenting News Recap Roundup #27

Posted on June 5th, 2014


* Are you parents to teens? You might find this study about teen behavior online to be very interesting. Do you know if your kids are your in the seventy percent?

* We enjoyed this mommy blogger’s write-up of her 10 commandments to parenting. There are some great tips & guidelines here!

* Sex after pregnancy – a topic not many new mommies enjoy talking about.. but why is that?? Here’s an interesting and informative piece about what couples go through, sexually, during the 6 months after the birth of a new baby, along with 7 helpful tips on how to improve post-pregnancy sex.

* Are you raising a six year old? Then here are seven tips tailored for you, the parent of a six year old!

* Teach your kids about “going green” for the environment with the help of these six tips for green parenting.

* Enjoy these ten insightful parenting pointers, from a parent that learned lots from her own parents…

* Do your children know how to deal with frustrating situations? We enjoyed this mom’s “No Biggy!” approach to managing frustration (for kids and adults alike!)

* And last but not least… getting your kids ready for summer? Don’t forget to teach them the beauty of a good book! Here’s a great piece about the benefits of summer reading.

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