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Parenting News Recap Roundup #25

Posted on May 8th, 2014



* Louis C.K. is back on our screens, and here are 16 need-to-know parenting quotes from the master of stand-up hilarity. (Because even the best of parents need to call out their kids s**t sometimes.. 😉 [Huffington Post]

* About half of American parents have admitted to bribing their kids with candies and gifts in exchange for desired behaviorsis this a good motivational tactic or can it lead to behavioral problems? [Fox News Insider]

* This parenting advice piece discusses five important points to follow when teaching your child about health and self-confidence. [WakeMed]

* “Teens with involved fathers were 98 percent more likely to graduate from college” – read more about the findings of this report discussing the father’s role in fostering independence in kids and the relation between fathers to helicopter parenting. [New York Post]

* And while we’re on the topic of fathers, here’s a great “daddy blogger’s” post featuring five parenting lessons from the radical late-eighties duo Bill & Ted (which, for some of the moms, would probably be best described as “pre-Speed Keanu Reeves” ;)) Parent on, dudes! [How to Be a Dad]

* Here are 10 awesome reasons why parents should encourage kids to collect sports cards! :) [Upper Deck Blog]

* Looking for a good parenting read? Here’s one mommy blogger’s list of top 15 best parenting books. Enjoy! [Dainty Revelations]

* And we’ll bring this roundup to an end with 5 tips for good parenting, as dispensed by parenting gurus Richard and Linda Eyre. [The Star Online]

Parenting News Recap Roundup 25