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Parenting News Recap Roundup #21

Posted on March 13th, 2014

Hi parents! It’s time for our bi-weekly roundup of all things parenting across the web… We’ve handpicked the most interesting posts and articles for you from these past days. Enjoy!

* Homeschooling is an interesting topic – some believe in it, some don’t, some say it’s better for their kids, others seek a more common/public structure for theirs… In any case, we’re not saying we’re for it, or against it, but we’re just sharing this article because we find it super interesting to take a look into the day & life of a mom who home-schools two children and explains why & how she does it…

* Following the popular Forbes piece that went viral back in January, about 7 parenting behaviors that we should NOT do if we want our children to grow into strong leaders (which of course, we do!), here is a piece from the same contributing writer about 9 parenting steps that SHOULD be followed in order to foster leadership, growth and confidence in teenagers.

*Here’s some food for thought on the matter of using connected devices around our children… Studies show that the time we spend on our phones during family time does indeed take a toll on our families. Do you agree? Read more about it here.

* Parents to teens with ADD/ADHD? Here is an article by an educational consultant that lists some useful tips and guidelines to help your kids deal with the areas they are struggling in.

* Disciplining children is not an easy task. A new trend recently explored by The Today Show is yelling (in lieu of spanking.) This article includes some good guidelines for parents who are fighting the urge to yell..

* If you enjoy a good infographic now and then – this one’s for you! check out this visual guide on how to raise healthy & happy kids.

* Summer is almost here, and with it – summer sports! Check out these 3 tips for positive sports parenting.

* How protective is “over protective”? How would you feel if a fellow parent wouldn’t trust you with their child? Can you understand? Can you relate? Or should parents be more kindred to each other..? Read more about policing parents issue here.

* If your children are already at a computer-using, Internet-surfing, online-exploring age, we are sure you’re aware of all the dangers that can lurk behind any random click.. Kids today can open virtual doors to areas that are not only harmful to them but can allow online predators to reach them too. But don’t worry, we’re not here to scare you and then send on your way, we just want to make sure you are alert and aware and send you to our friends at care4teen. Care4teen is a parental control service that protects your children from the web and enables you to keep an eye on them. Visit for more information and to get the software.

Parenting News Recap Roundup 21