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Parenting News Recap Roundup #19

Posted on February 13th, 2014

It’s time for our bi-weekly roundup of interesting parenting stories and tips discovered across the web – we hope you find them as interesting as we did!

* We loved this list of “parenting firsts”! Most of you will probably relate to almost all of them, and they’re written in such a fun & humorous way that even if you don’t relate – you’ll enjoy the read. 😀 [Huff Post Parents]

* Did you know that punishing or dismissive parenting styles could be the cause for a child’s obesity? Some parents don’t realize that the way they help their kids deal with negative emotions or situations could define future coping mechanisms, like turning to food for comfort. Read more about it in this interesting piece explaining the connection. [CTV News]

* Feeling overprotective or helpless in the face of uncontrollable situations, are uncomfortable feelings that parents, sadly, have to face. But here is a beautiful story of a positive-thinking mom, who took these feeling and turned them around so that her 10 year old boy will have a very happy birthday… ? [Huff Post Parents]

* Do your kids tinker? Tinkering, fiddling, playing around – call it what you want, it’s a great way to encourage creativity in kids. Read more about enabling your kids to think & create in this interesting post. [LearnXScape News]

* Have you seen “The LEGO Movie”? Apparently it’s all the rage with the kids (wait, scratch that – with the parents) these days.. We love movies that are visually amusing for children, yet have a storyline and message fit for adults. Read more about it here and decide for yourself – will you be taking your kids, or will your kids be taking you? 😉 [CNN Entertainment]

* Parenting in a digital world introduces a whole new range of challenges, responsibilities and questions – how long should children be allowed to play on connected devices; what should they play; how do you control what they’re doing? This interesting write-up breaks down these challenges and helps parents address them by offering recommendations and ideas for digital house rules. [Your Parenting Partner]

* In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, love and unity, we’ll finish off with this interesting story from Canada, where Hockey parents apparently get extremely revved up at their children’s games… Looks like these parents will be obligated to take a mandatory Respect in Sport course before the next game season begins, in order to avoid “negative engagements” at the games… We’re all for teaching our kids by example – and showing respect, proper gamesmanship, friendship, and love sounds like a great game plan to us! 🙂 Let’s all just spread the love (Happy Vday!) ??? [Winnipeg Free Press]

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