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Parenting News Recap Roundup #18

Posted on January 30th, 2014

Hello parents, we’ve missed you! It’s been a while since we posted (yes, we know, we said we were back from holidays hiatus but then we were sick and missed another week or two.. oops.. sorry, but don’t worry, we haven’t gone into hibernation!) So today we’re back with a recap of some of the more interesting parenting news and insightful posts we’ve come across these past few days – hope you enjoy them too!

* We always have our children’s best intentions in mind, but sometimes even parents don’t know how to act… Here are 7 harmful parenting behaviors to avoid, recommended if you don’t want to mess up your kids! []

* On the same note, here’s a piece focusing on one of the previously-mentioned important pointers – praise, and more importantly – how to praise your kids properly (so that, you know, you won’t mess them up…) []

* But let’s go back to being positive! Here are five great positive parenting tips you can follow to improve the quality time you spend with your family. 🙂 []

* Being a parent is like being an astronaut. Yes, you heard us right – you’re all astronauts. Want to understand WHY – read this interesting post about the similarities between a parent and an astronaut! []

* While the previous tips and topics address parents at a more mature age, here are 5 parenting tips for brand new moms & dads who are still struggling with breastfeeding and the baby carriage… []

* And from the positive, we’re back to the “negative” (though learning from mistakes, especially if they were made by others, is a great thing!) One experienced parent shares her greatest (well, she calls them dumbest) parenting mistakes, pointing out the 6 things she would do differently. (Thank you!) []

* While all parents are astronauts, special-needs parents are also rock stars. This write-up proves this point with a great comparison between special needs kids’ parents and the Boss. Respect. []

* Have you noticed how toddlers tend to be fascinated by their own image? (It’s actually part of their developmental phase.) Here’s an interesting story that has been circulating about how much toddlers love selfies! That’s growing up in the digital age for you… []

* And of course, how can we not mention our favorite parenting moment of the week…
Jay Z dedicating his Grammy award to his baby girl Blue Ivy “look, daddy got a gold sippy cup for you.” Loved it! Jay Z & Beyonc? are our Power Parents of the week! <3 😀

Jay Z dedicates Grammy SippyCup to Daughter Blue PTTV