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Parenting News Recap Roundup #17

Posted on January 9th, 2014

Returning from holiday hiatus is always a mixture of emotions – on one hand, how great was it to spend so much time with your family, right??! But on the other hand… How great is it to have the kids back in school, allowing us to enjoy some quality “normal” time, right..? 😉

So now that we’re back to our daily routines & schedules, let’s see what the world has been up to and catch up on our parenting news (and since our email was filled with end-of-year recaps & welcoming-the-new-year forecasts and resolutions, we’ll start off with some of those) >>

* Kick off 2014 by going back to the basics of parenting do’s & don’t with this list of tips – you don’t have to follow them all, pick a few and see how they work out for you.

* Here is one Huff Post blogger’s personal list of parenting resolutions – well written and inspiring, other parents may want to adopt some of these for themselves.

* From the brain-boosting effects of affectionate touching to “Tiger parenting”, here are the top parenting science stories of 2013 – truly interesting stuff!

* A baby is a joy, and two babies…? Well, that’s double the pleasure and double the fun, but it’s also a whole different ball game! If you’re expecting 2-for-1, here are some tips for parenting newborn twins that will help you prepare for this brand new realm of babyhood.

* While it may seem easy to plan plans and make resolutions, when it comes to keeping them, that’s quite a different story… Luckily for you, we can across this piece – featuring a list of websites that will help you track & keep those New Year’s parenting resolutions.

* Today’s tech-enabled age has been super resourceful for parents of kids with disabilities. There are numerous apps and tech gadgets created especially with disabled children in mind, and here are some basic principles and tips for parents seeking to utilize these tech tools to the fullest.

* “Practice makes perfect”, which is why we love this list of parenting tips from long-time foster care parents, who have cared for over 200 kids, in addition to their own five children.

* Have you heard of the new trend called “Event Sitting”? It really is a genius concept, for both event planners and attendees with kids — Your Event Sitters, LLC offers on-site child care solutions for events of all sizes in the Tri-State areas of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Their team of professional event sitters arrive with age-appropriate activities, toys, games, equipment, etc., to provide on-site care and entertainment for “little guests”, newborns to 12 years old. Their service ensures that all grown up guests can enjoy any event (be it a wedding or a corporate function) child-free and with the peace of mind knowing their children are in a safe and fun environment just a room away. It’s highly recommended for event planners, as attendance is increased (everyone can make it! no need to worry about a sitter for the kids!), the guests can stay longer (no kids or pricey sitter to run home to!) and hosting this fun & practical new trend will add extra millage to the post-event buzz… 😀
To learn more about the service visit Your Event Sitters, LLC’s website: (*don’t forget to tell them PTTV sent you!)

* Parents may be superheroes in the eyes of their tiny followers, but in reality – we’re only human, and parents get sick too (especially during the winter.) Here are some creative tips for parenting while you’re bedridden.

That’s all for today folks, have a great rest of the week!

Parenting News Recap Roundup 17