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Parenting News Recap Roundup #15

Posted on December 5th, 2013

We’re halfway through the holiday season, one big meal down.. one to go… So let’s take a breather and catch up on some of the latest in parenting news, shall we?

* Are you parents to teens? If so, here are some interesting things to consider, plus important facts you should know, when educating your teens about social medias. Teens tend to act before they think, and when it comes to texting, social networking and sexting, most aren’t even aware of the long-term damages they may bring upon themselves…

* released their list of top 100 baby names for 2013. Is your newborn on the list? 😉

* A new parenting book has hit the shelvesSuccessful Parenting is all about effective parenting strategies and raising responsible young adults. Read more about it here.

* As cases of cyber-bullying keep hitting the news, it is always important to be aware of what your kids are doing online; as a parent, you should have the proper tools and know-how to help them. Here is a good article we came across, with a very useful list of 10 points to keep in mind if you are worried your child may be a victim of cyber-bullying. (You can also watch our own PTTV video on the topic, here.)

* Parents to children diagnosed with autism have so much to deal with; here is an interesting blog post we came across, from a parent of an autistic child, who says what you should NOT be doing…

* Why so serious?! Chill, lean back and enjoy this light, funny, yet truly useful, list of “10 ridiculously useful parenting tips for the holidays.” We loved it. 🙂

* Jennifer Lopez, 44 and mom to two 5 year olds, receives a March of Dimes’ honor as this year’s Grace Kelly Award recipient, for being a celebrity parent role model. Read more about the honorary award here.

* While everyone around us is in the midst of holiday shopping frenzies, PBS Kids released the results of a survey, showing that 54% of parents plan to buy their children a tech-related gift this holiday season. Here is the breakdown of the survey, pinpointing the most popular tech gifts on parents’ lists this holiday season, plus some advice from PBS Kids, providing tips to consider when purchasing apps for kids.

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