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Parenting News Recap Roundup #14

Posted on November 21st, 2013

Hello parents!

We’re back from a mini-hiatus, ready to bring the latest parenting trends, tips and tidbits to all you busy hard-working moms & dads out there!

Here’s the latest in parenting news:

Colorado parents say NO to standardized testing, as more and more parents believe that these mandated tests conducted in schools nationwide are demoralizing and useless. Parents are instructing their children to opt-out of these test, and the Colorado Dept of Education stats show that 946 children opted-out in 2013. [by EdNews Colorado]

Promoting creativity with kids is super important in today’s technological age. This week we found two great articles on the matter: The first is about the most excellent “Dinovember” concept that has taken the web by storm.. If you haven’t read about this yet, you’re going to love this! Two parents put a lot of time, effort and most importantly – imagination, every year during the month of November to convince their kids that dinosaurs DO exist, and that they invade their home during the night! The pictures are truly inspiring and remind us what it’s like to be a kid again, before everything we touched had a smart screen… [by Visual News]
The second creativity inspiring piece is about reading, which is definitely one of the best imagination enhancers you can offer a kid. Reading to children at a young age, and promoting reading as they grow up, also helps build their vocabulary and communication skills. This article includes some great tips for parents who are introducing books into their kids’ lives – from playing word games to having conversations about a book’s topic, plus tips to follow when teaching young children to read. [by Journal Sentinel]

And on the topic of creativity, what about innovation? Innovative thinking helps children learn and increases their levels of motivation and self esteem. Parents can help their children and guide them to think in innovative and creative ways by allowing them to explore, letting them lead/find their own way of thinking, and being parental observers (rather than instructors; when situations permit, of course.) For more detailed information and other examples, we highly recommend you read this interesting piece. [by Eastern Arizona Courier]

Next week is Thanksgiving! Have you outlined your meal and planned all your courses? With the holiday season upon us, we recommend watching this informative video featuring some great tips for eating healthy and preparing healthy dishes during the holidays – because if you don’t take care of your family’s health and eating habits, who will? [by EatIn’ Right]

Watch this week’s webisode on Alicia Coppola’s exclusive channel here on PTTV, where Alicia shares her greatest fears as a mom and talks about the new anxieties parenthood can bring into your life.. [Alicia Coppola on Parenthood Today TV]

Parenting News Recap Roundup 14