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Parenting News Recap Roundup #11

Posted on September 17th, 2013


We’d like to open this week’s roundup with some very exciting news of our own…

We are thrilled to welcome Alicia Coppola to Parenthood Today TV! 🙂
Actress, author, wife, and mother of three, Alicia will be sharing her own personal parenting tips and know-how, through her very own channel here on PTTV: Alicia Coppola on Parenthood Today

The weekly clips featuring Alicia will cover topics ranging from pregnancy, fitness, baby naming, family vacations, helping children cope with grief, and more. We hope you enjoy it!

And in other news…

* last week was 9/11, and as we all commemorated this significant day and vowed to never forget, many parents were faced with explaining the graveness of this day to their young children, who were born into a post-9/11 reality. If you found yourself struggling with the topic in front of your kids, we recommend you read this touching post by a mommy blogger, sharing what she teaches her children about 9/11.

* What happens when one dad gets fed up with his kid being glued to a tablet all day..? Bye bye technology, this family is going to live like it’s 1986 for one whole year!

* An interesting study in Psychological Science claims that the music parents listen to in their twenties will affect the musical tastes of their children when they will be in their twenties… You can read more about it here and decide for yourself – a spooky coincidence or a cool case of non-genetic traits?

* The Washington Post’s On Parenting section did their own roundup… of recommended parenting books. Check them out here.

and while we’re on the topic of books, here’s another list of top 9 toddler parenting books, and of course – don’t forget to check out Gracefully Gone, by our very own celebrity mom Alicia Coppola, in which she discusses coping with her father’s struggle with cancer, from a daughter’s point of view. Enjoy!


Parenting News Recap Roundup 11