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About Us

Parenthood Today TV is a virtual meeting place for parents created by parents. It is a collection of ideas; all explained and demonstrated in short clear video clips, meant to help each and every one of us on the bumpy, not always intuitive, yet rewarding and empowering road of parenting in today’s day and age.

Parenting communities across the US seek advice and recommendations in the form that best suits today’s busy lifestyles – videos. is the first resource site for parents which addresses this need by providing easy-access relevant video content, all completely dedicated to modern parenting. covers the early stages of pregnancy through all the developmental milestones that follow: Babies, Toddlers, Kids and Teens. All videos encompass Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Education and Recreation, while remaining focused on child development. Our content curation team makes sure all videos are relevant and practical to our nationwide community, and are of the highest professional production quality, from reliable and knowledgeable sources.

Recent studies indicate that children growing up in today’s bustling environment like to spend more time with their parents – and so, developed a section dedicated to “Pastimes” and “How to have fun with your kids”. Our highest priority is to provide our parenting community and viewers with relevant solution-oriented information, and we are dedicated to updating this content and to adding similarly relevant categories as we discover the new areas that are most needed & helpful for today’s parents. is owned by Kineto Media Ltd., a provider of online video solutions for the US market. is a resource that will truly inspire every aspect of parenting.